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C. NaTasha Richburg and CNR Ministries Present a 2014 Reading Program for Youth and Young Adults
C. Natasha Richburg and CNR Ministries are offering a reading program for 2014 to assist youth and young adults in building their lives through the Word of God and making positive decisions for life change through Bible-based, inspirational literature. The books written by C. NaTasha Richburg have definitive and open ended questions that allow for an intrapersonal understanding of learned principles. The openness of short stories blend with scriptural references to provide youth leaders an opportunity to flow as the spirit of God leads.
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Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the Unlikely Founders Behind WhatsApp, Took the Unbeaten Path to Startup Success
WhatsApp isn't your average Silicon Valley startup. The company's founders Jan Koum, 38, and Brian Acton, 42, shun the media spotlight and are much older than your typical college dropout-turned CEO. And at a time when social media companies are focusing on advertising to generate revenue, WhatsApp rejects the idea of showing ads to the 450 million people who use its mobile messaging app.
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Young Coptic Christians In Egypt Eager to Advocate for Themselves
A group of Christian youth activists that came together in the tumultuous aftermath of the Egyptian revolution is looking to the future and hoping to build on the gains wrought in Tahrir Square by mobilizing young people to better advocate for themselves.
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"Lindsay" Docu-series Kicks Off on OWN
"I'm only interested in what is the truth," Oprah Winfrey told Lindsay Lohan, 27, at the start of Sunday night's Lindsay, the first of eight episodes of the OWN docu-series about the star.
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Jason Evert says 'To Navigate Teen Years, Good Role Models, Prayer Needed'
There is one central question that speaker and author Jason Evert poses to teens when speaking about the virtue of chastity: "Are you willing to love your spouse before you meet?"
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