‘Black-ish’ Spinoff, ‘College-ish’, Starring Yara Shahidi, Gets Greenlit at Freeform

Yara Shahidi, one of the stars of Blackish, will be the star of her own spin-off show, Collegeish, which will air on Freeform in 2018. The show will co-star Deon Cole, and an entirely new set of actors separate from the Blackish cast, and cover the complex world issues complicating Universities across the country. Kenya Barris, who was also the creator of Blackish, also came up with the concept of Collegeish.

“I never thought they’d let me put ‘Black-ish’ on the air, let alone give me a spinoff,” said Barris to Variety. ‘I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to continue working with Yara and the rest of this talented young cast. To any aspiring writers struggling to make it out there, I highly advise adding an ‘–ish’ to any working title you might have. It seems to be the move.”

SOURCE: The Fader – Opheli Garcia Lawler

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