Christian Rappers Lecrae and Andy Mineo Saved a Transgender Woman From Committing Suicide

Mineo and Lecrae were crossing the bridge from Manhattan to the Bronx when they saw a transgender woman do the unthinkable.

“She starts to climb over the guardrail to jump,” Mineo explains in a Facebook video.

He and Lecrae immediately sprang into action.

“Lecrae reaches his long seven-foot arms and grabs her and says ‘no,’ and pulls her back and I start grabbing her,” Mineo says.

Then the woman says something no one expected to hear.

“As we start wrestling this woman off of the bridge, we start hearing her scream out, ‘I just want to go home. I just want to be with Jesus. I don’t want to live anymore,” he says.

Lecrae and Mineo realized they were dealing with someone who was having a crisis of faith and identity.

The pair eventually pull the woman over and call the police, all the while encouraging her that God loves her.

Lecrae later tweeted about the incident.

While watching someone try to throw them self off a bridge doesn’t happen to everyone, this isn’t the first time one of the rappers encountered suicide.

Lecrae spoke out during an interview with The Wade-O Radio Show how he nearly lost his faith and contemplated suicide.

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