Nicki Minaj Offers to Pay Over a Dozen Fans’ Student Loans on Twitter

Rapper Nicki Minaj spent Saturday night teaching her fans a life lesson: It pays to get good grades.

The 34-year-old Grammy nominee offered to pay more than $20,000 in student loans for a dozen of her Twitter followers on one condition — they must have straight A’s or an impressive GPA.

Minaj was initially answering Twitter questions about a lip syncing contest surrounding her “Regret in Your Tears” music video, but she shifted gears when one follower asked if the Queens, New York-born artist would pay for her college tuition. Minaj agreed and opened up the opportunity to others.

The requests flooded in, with fans sending the star screenshots of their report cards and student loan balances.

Among the lucky fans was one person who identified herself as a single mother from Queens who needed $500 for her remaining tuition. Minaj also agreed to dish out $6,000 to cover the fall semester for another follower, including his room and board, courses and meal plan.

“U want to go to college but can’t? How much do u need to get u in school? Is that the only thing stopping u?” Minaj asked an immigrant fan who said she could not afford classes.

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SOURCE: NBC News – Avalon Zoppo

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